IUPUI Faculty Letter

Faculty from the School of Liberal Art at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) have written a letter of support opposing the elimination of political science at Marian. (IUPUI is a large public university in Indianapolis.) Click here to download a copy of the letter or read it below.

November 17, 2021

Dear Dr. Elsener and Dr. Silva,

We, the undersigned faculty of the IUPUI School of Liberal Arts, are troubled by the proposal from the Marian University administration to eliminate the political science program. We urge the administration to respect principles of faculty governance, especially in educational and curricular matters, and thus follow the AAUP guidelines for program closure. Those guidelines promote close consultation with and respect for duly constituted faculty governance bodies and emphasize educational considerations.

Moreover, as faculty in a School of Liberal Arts, we are concerned by the elimination of a liberal arts discipline like political science that contributes to the comprehensive, rich education of undergraduates in a democratic society. Students who have graduated from Marian with a degree in political science have written about the value of their degree in their careers and public lives. Students who take political science courses gain a fuller understanding of how our democracy works; you have no doubt read calls from organizations and public leaders for a greater emphasis on civic education. We express our strong support for the arts and sciences faculty at Marian University, and in particular for the faculty and students in the political science program there.

Steve Fox
Professor of English

Raymond Haberski, Jr.
Professor of History

Cornelis de Waal
Professor of Philosophy

Jason Aukerman
Clinical Assistant Professor of American Studies and English

Peter H. Schwartz
Associate Professor of Philosophy

J. Gregory Keller
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Jennifer Guiliano
Associate Professor of History

Karen Kovacik
Professor of English

David M. Craig
Professor of Religious Studies

Jason M. Kelly
Professor of History

Susan B. Hyatt
Professor of Anthropology

Josh L. Prada
Assistant Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics

Carrie Foote
Associate Professor of Sociology

Kim White-Mills
Associate Professor Communication Studies

Lynn A Jettpace
Senior Lecturer of English

Debbie Oesch-Minor
Senior Lecturer of English

David Hoegberg
Associate Professor and Chair of English

Nancy Goldfarb
Teaching Professor of English

Ronda Henry
Associate Professor of English and Africana Studies

Steven Russell
Professor of Economics

Michal Hughes
Lecturer in English

Laura Holzman
Associate Professor of Art History and Museum Studies

Marilee Brooks-Gillies
Assistant Professor of English

Hannah J. Haas
Senior Lecturer of English

Wendy Vogt
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Mike Polites
Teaching Professor
Dept of Communication Studies

Janice Bankert-Countryman
Senior Associate Faculty
Communication Studies
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Ian Sheeler
Dept of Communication Studies

Regina Turner
Africana Studies Program
Communication Studies
Institute for Engaged Learning

Susan Hyatt
Department of Anthropology

Megan L. Musgrave
Associate Professor
Department of English

Maria Brann
Department of Communication Studies

Julie A. Belz
Associate Professor
Department of English

Aaron Dusso
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Political Science