Information for Marian Faculty

Faculty members at Marian overwhelmingly expressed their opposition to the proposal to eliminate political science by voting 104 to 26 against the proposal when it came before the Faculty Assembly on November 19. (Note that that approximately 20 full-time administrators, deans, and provosts with faculty status were also eligible to vote.)

The attempt to terminate the political science program has implications that should trouble if not upset Marian University faculty members. Please click on the links to the subpages below to learn more about issues concerning the faculty.

RESPONSE TO PRESIDENT ELSENER’S PRESENTATION (NOV 19) President Elsener’s presentation to the Faculty Assembly reflects much of what is concerning about the behavior of the administration. Click here to read a response to the President’s presentation.

DUE PROCESS VIOLATION The proposal to eliminate political science and the way it has been handled include due process violations, unethical behavior, and unfair oversights. This should concern all Marian faculty because it sets a precedent for future attacks on programs and faculty. Click here to read about the due process violations, etc.

STATUS OF TENURE The proposal to eliminate political science allows the administration to lay off a tenured faculty. Tenure is an important and well-established concept that protects academic freedom including the right to express opinions about the well-being of the university. All faculty should be concerned about any possible attack on tenure because it can serve to silence faculty opposition to the actions of the administration. Click here to read about the status of tenure at Marian.

SHARED GOVERNANCE ISSUES Shared governance is a tradition in higher education that involves faculty oversight and responsibility for the curriculum, instructional methods, and faculty status. This includes the elimination of programs. Click here to read about shared governance and how the proposal to eliminate political science ignores the concept to the detriment of the faculty at Marian and the university community.

TREATMENT OF FACULTY During the past five years, at least eight dedicated faculty members have had their employment terminated or left under puzzling circumstances. What is going on? Do you know their names? Click here to read about these faculty members who are no longer part of the Marian community.